Catalogs and Lists:

Here is our new section on catalogs and E-lists. Most items are readily available for purchase through the shop portal, you may need to contact us directly for certain material. 

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E-List #5: Glittering Books of the Romantic Era
1835 – 1882 A Selection of 24 Cartonnage Bindings

E-List #4: Odds and Ends. Or: Things I Forgot To Catalog 1716-1929
Manuscripts, Budget Finds under $200, and Cartonnage Bindings

E-List #3: In The Castle Is Our God 1788-1901
German Bibles, Gauffered Bindings, and Monograms


Catalog #2: Birthday Boy's Books 1250-1929
Religious and Literary Works, Scarce Vellum and Cartonnage Bindings, Manuscripts, and More


E-List #2: Oh Death 1658-1907
Twelve Macabre Selections on the Dance of Death


E-List #1: A June Mini Miscellany 1544-1886
Religious Works, Vellum Bindings, Budget Finds, and More


Catalog #1: A Miscellany of Miscellanies 1481-1913
Religious Works, Prize Bindings, Literature, and More