La Morales De L'histoire Ou Recueil De Faits Historiques, 1825

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Title: La Morale De L'Histoire Ou Recueil De Faits Historiques Propres a Fournir D"Excellens Models De Vertu De Sagesse Et De Piete, 1825
Author: L. Caron
Publisher: Chez Theriot et Belin, Paris
Condition: Good

A first edition of Caron's 

 The Moral of History or Collection of Historical Facts Proper to Provide "Excellent Models of Virtue of Wisdom and Piety


From heroism, to abstinence, civility, respect, generosity, and even more, there are dozens of 

decorated with eight intaglio prints

2 volumes in small 8vo, 381+376 pages

On note of condition both volumes are in good shape, with the gilt binding shining brightly, and the marbling looking fresh. The corners display signs of wear and rubbing, with some joint wear. There is some foxing and staining noted throughout both volumes. There is also a small gash on the front of Tome II